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Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness

This post: circa 2,200 words, estimated reading time: 11 minutes. (Full content, inc. references, 4,000 words, 20 minutes. Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness Mindfulness Case presentation for Sophie   (Note. This was for a Y3 university assessment. Sophie is a representation, not a real person.)   Sophie is a young, unmarried […]

Rags to Riches – How to earn millions in World of Warcraft

We all know seem to know of someone in Warcraft that appears to have endless bags of gold, that purchases the most expensive vendor mounts as soon as they appear, that casually pays 954,000g on BMAH for mounts (because it’s easier than farming for week after week on a score […]

Gaming addictions: Warcraft or Warcrack? How on-line gaming destroys lives

Gaming addiction is a major issue Warcraft and games like it can be addictive, addictive beyond the point of obsession and off into the scary realms and genuine risks of destroying your health, schooling, job, career, relationships, marriage…. I know how bad I am, but that’s me, I understand if […]