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Daily Post : On this day 31st December

Quote of the day : There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ~ Henri Matisse Picture of the day : Rather than a picture I’ve chosen this cartoon I saw on Facebook (with apologies to the original illustrator, Genildo). Fits in with Henri Matisse’s quote –...


Daily Post : On this day 29th December

Quote of the day : Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re really strangers.* ~ Actress, Mary Tyler Moore (born today). *(Bravely resists urge to ‘correct’ realise!) Picture of the day : One of a group of grafitti street artist working on murials in...


Daily post : On this day 28th December

Quote of the day : Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the of the day, saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher Picture of the day : Golden Gates, Warrington Youtube video of the day : Doesn’t look much, the below is...


Daily Post : On this day 24th December

Quote of the day : Culture is acquainting ourselves with the best that has been known and said in the world, and thus with the history of the human spirit ~ Matthew Arnold (Poet, critic and Oxford professor, born this day in 1822) He also said, which I like, Resolve...


Daily post : 23rd December, 2013

Quote of the day : There is a brief moment when all there is in a man’s mind and soul and spirit is reflected through his eyes, his hands, his attitude. This is the moment to record. ~ Yousuf Karsh, photographer Picture of the day : Another great picture for...

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