Covid-19 vaccine: why be afraid?

This post: circa 1,400 words, estimated reading time: 7 minutes Laughing at anti-vaxers The Guardian ran an article today, entitled, ‘Covid-19 vaccines: why are some people hesitant? (part one) – podcast‘, and shared it on Facebook. Some of the comments, one in particular, annoyed me a tad! I rather doubt they had even listened to …

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The fear is real

Giz mode I intended to approach this from another angle, but this one will suffice! An article in Gizmodo (shared on Facebook) began by decrying: “On Tuesday night, Brazil’s president demanded that governors end quarantine measures, falsely claiming that “90 percent” of the population will show no symptoms from covid-19 and bragging he wouldn’t even …

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Covid-19, a random hypothesis

CAVEATS FIRST: I am not a doctor, or a virologist, or any other sort of ‘gist. (Yet, anyway). So, this is most definitely not an “expert opinion”. However, a growing body of research is supporting my ‘gut feeling’. (See addenda 5, later). You could also fairly argue, given the lack of medical training, that it’s …

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What are you hiding, Corona?

In a recent article on Mashable, entitled Entitled billionaire Elon Musk thinks coronavirus panic is ‘dumb’, writer Jack Morse began his post with a hysterical warning that The world stands transfixed by possible disaster. You’re wrong, Jack Morse of Mashable, Elan Musk is right, get over yourself! The whole coronavirus “panic” is manufactured. Verging on …

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