Pirate characters

Avast ye land lubber! I rather doubt any sea-fairer – piratical or otherwise – shouted such nonsense, but it suits for the intro. Below are some 20-odd characters for pirate stories and adventurers. I wrote these some twenty-odd years ago for a text-based open world fantasy single/multiplayer game, based on 2nd edition D&D. Basically, it …

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Baldur’s Gate : characters

Party characters, their stats and where to find them Alora, chaotic-good Halfling thief (fm) Stats: Str: 8 / Dex: 19 / Con: 12 / Int: 14 / Wis: 7 / Chr: 10 Found around: Baldur’s Gate town, Hall of Wonders Thoughts: Good dexterity for a thief, but unless you want and all rogue party, there …

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