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Pirate characters

Avast ye land lubber! I rather doubt any sea-fairer – piratical or otherwise – shouted such nonsense, but it suits for the intro. Below are some 20-odd characters for pirate stories and adventurers. I wrote these some twenty-odd years ago for a text-based open world fantasy single/multiplayer game, based on...


Quote for writers – on characters, style and plots

Intro I’ll tell you how it is for me, then I’ll shut up and let far more prodigious, established writers say it more eloquently. My style, such as it is, is down to earth, as rambling as this is now. Yes, I know, I need to work on that, but...


Baldur’s Gate : characters

Party characters, their stats and where to find them Alora, chaotic-good Halfling thief (fm) Stats: Str: 8 / Dex: 19 / Con: 12 / Int: 14 / Wis: 7 / Chr: 10 Found around: Baldur’s Gate town, Hall of Wonders Thoughts: Good dexterity for a thief, but unless you want...