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Can you hear me, Doctor?

Well, it seems Aunty Beeb has upset a lot of people with the most recent episode of Dr Who, the one entitled ‘Can you hear me’. The thin plot dodges (well lumbers) around mental health concerns and Gods that feed on fear. (Let’s skip the theology part, ‘cos, yer…) The...


Breast cancer: I'm not that brave

My wife, who has just finished her own chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer, shared this unattributed poem on her timeline on Facebook. The original was posted earlier today on the Young Breast Cancer Network and I’ve cheekily lifted it to copy here. Obviously I can’t wholly related to everything...


5.5 trillion reasons to give up smoking

. This started as a footnote to trends about New Year Resolutions in my Daily Post and about a thousand words later it made sense to give this article it’s own page here. What was your New Year Resolution? To diet? To Exercise more? To give up something? Take smoking,...

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