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To Infinity and beyond. The joys of changing Internet providers

As a long-time Internet user, the first question in my mind when considering moving house isn’t access to public transport, shops, crime rates, parks, it’s: “What’s the broadband access like there?” For our new address, BT quoted June the following year for fibre. By the time we moved this was...


Irony is lost on cold callers

I’ve just spent 6 minutes on the phone arguing about irony! The first couple of minutes to the initial telesales contact, the rest to her manager who was quibbling pedantically and accusing me of being hostile. It goes like this: Them: Can I speak to … Me: What’s it concerning?...


Contention or contentious – paying BT more for less.

Bee in my bonnet time. Snake oils and ludicrously priced ‘luxury’ items aside I generally believe in the adage you get what you pay for. So when I sign and pay for a business contract I not unreasonably expect the service to match the premium. BT, it seems, disagree! We...