Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

Several hours later… gave up on bandwidth hogging full backgrounds for Twitter, trying a simple corner image and editting setting colours

Yeh gods, 2am comes round fast, still, I suppose tinkering with code and designs for Twitter is more productive than grinding levels in WoW

Started converting all our old VHS tapes to DVD and getting rid of the old ones – it’s incredible the space those tapes can take up

Reading this months copy of – seems Twitter is the darling of the games industry too.

Reading the trade press, apparently Twitter turned down a $500m all-stock offer from Facebook late last year.

Seems the Internet is 20 years old now, only seems last week I was saving up for a 1200 baud Hayes modem.

Thought the Internet was more ’92, similar to Linux. Didn’t call it that, but I had an ‘internet cafe’ myself back in ’95. A lifetime ago.

RT @OnceUponATwit : A lightbulb just burst on my head. now my hair has little bits of glass in it 🙁 … I had a VERY bright idea.

Heh, still chuckling at that post by @OnceUponATwit

Phew, though my pc sound system was beggared, just a mix of a loose cable and Windows resetting the rest to simple desktop stereo. Ewww!

Adding stuff to : #freecycle a global non-profit movement – giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

Watching a video of 7 Online Success Killers [link, plugged in one of @joelcomm ‘s email newsletters

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