What do you think your last incarnation was?

I think this poll needs a few more questions and pushing the boundaries back in time.

Paul, Lincoln, 1984 According to my results I was a hippie in my past life, which is a bit awkward as I’m a child of the sixties and still remember the era, vaguely. That said, between all the mods, rockers, punks and so forth of the time, I was closest to being a hippie anyway and anyone who knew me could tell I was coming half a mile away if they were downwind as I was overly liberal when it came to applying the patchouli oil! Dousing comes to mind! I suspect my last reincarnation was a French or possibly Dutch peasant that was burnt at the stake, and before that a grey wolf, but that’s by the by!

A Hippie

You are a creative soul who enjoys all forms of art, music, and poetry. You also have a deep concern for the world around you and believe in truth and peace. After taking all those drugs, no wonder you can’t remember your past life!

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