Brussels starts to roll out the anti-democracy machine – again

Saw the like coming, but this is still breathtakingly arrogant of the EU machine!

From the Mail: Extraordinary bid to block Brexit revealed: EU Commission staffer writes to ALL MPs demanding they overturn historic vote to leave

You’d have to read the full article and associated letter demanding that all MPs in the UK ensure with your fellow MPs that the house will reject any motion to invoke Art 50

As I say, it’s something you have to read yourself and make your own decisions about whether or not she was taking the **** but I’ve summed up how I read it below:

Let me see if I have this right:

An ex-pat EU official of unknown position (and redacted name)

– that left the UK in the last Century and has lived in Brussels ever since

– and is now studying in China

– has written to every MP in the country demanding they overthrow the democratically won referendum in a country she has no desire to live in

– on the basis that the MPs are bent and the voters stupid, and anyway the EU-loving majority of MPs that want in on the gravy train can overrule us (for her benefit)

Remind me again why the EU is a good thing, someone?

As MP Peter Bone rightly says in the article:

If MPs try to block the wishes of the British people there would be total uproar and I expect whoever was in government would be out of office very quickly

This is Southern Ireland all over again! e.g., from 2008 EU begins secret drive to force Ireland to vote again on rejected Lisbon Treaty

At the end of this 2008 article Nigel Farage (rightly regarding Ireland and clearly rightly here too, now) warned:

It’s deja vu all over again. In Europe, yes means yes and no means: We’ll do it again later

Basically – and this was very widely covered – Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty and were told – forced – to hold it again (and again in necessary) until the result is the right answer (we want)

This article from the Telegraph (2009) repeats the warning: Britain needs an Irish ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty

But of course the views of the Irish people (or of any other people, for that matter) were not respected – the vote of a small nation on the periphery of the EU was not about to derail the grand design created by the political elites. When the Commission maintained there was “no Plan B” if Ireland rejected the treaty, it meant just that: it always planned to carry on regardless. So today, the Irish – bludgeoned, blackmailed and bribed – return to the polls to vote again; and this time they are expected to come up with the “right” answer (or at least the only one that is acceptable) which is, of course, “Yes”.

More importantly – remember this was from 2009 – it offers the opinion that:

All democrats should hope for a “No” vote in Ireland today. Not only would it slow the EU juggernaut, but it might even allow the British people a chance, at long last, to have their own say.

Well, we have had our say, it was NO!. But it was not the answer they wanted. Are we going to now allow a minority of pro-EU officials in Westminster, fake polls and cloak and dagger assassins in Brussels overthrow us?

The Braveheart/William Wallace scene below is perhaps not the best quote, given Scotland’s pro-EU majority, but it still stands:

If we allow politicians and EU bureaucrats to overthrow our referendum, then we have no freedom. None! Not us, not Scotland nor Ireland, No-one!

And through Europe – which I warned before the referendum would be the ‘European Unions’ intention – people in France and the Netherlands and Holland and all the member states will give up. ‘What is the point’, they will say. ‘Britain won the referendum, they didn’t listen, just like they didn’t listen to the Irish before them’. (You might want to ask your southern neighbours about that, Northern Island!)

It won’t matter what we say or feel or want in years to come; as the EU machine rolls on, they will have cowed us, beaten down 17 million voters by subterfuge, media barrages, bribery and Machiavellian deals. Either we ensure Article 50 is triggered, and we leave the European Union forthwith – or we and the rest of Europe are done for!

[ video removed from youtube ]

So yes, remind me again why the EU is a good thing – when they want to rape us!

Not for a moment to trivialise such a vile and cowardly act, but that’s what it amounts to. We say, ‘No, we are not that type of country’. So they try to force their will on us. To them, as has been shown in Ireland and Denmark and other countries, No means Yes and they will not have it any other way, no matter the force they have to bring to bear. Sorry, I for one will not be Juncker’s bitch!

If parliament attempts to renege on the referendum – especially by putting an EU puppet like May in the driving seat – there will be hell to pay. Even if the government lasts to the next election neither the Conservatives nor Labour will get in power again. It will be the lowest turnout in history, and those that do will either vote for SNP, UKIP or “anyone but those tossers”

Also, in attempting to overtly or covertly backtrack on this referendum (something I fully expect of the likes of Theresa May!), the country and parliament will be torn apart – just as the Labour party has been torn apart, and will be in the next elections. As it stands, while the pound has not yet recovered the FTSE 100 has more that soared ahead (the FTSE 250 less so, but give it time).

However, what happens if Westminster overrules the referendum – if some few hundred MPs overrule the others and tell 17 million voters, We heard you, and we do NOT care.

A number of MPs are Eurosceptics, a principled few of the others may also be outraged at such a shameful display of treachery and make their feeling known. (If such a creature as a politician with honour, morals and scruples still exists, something fewer and fewer believes anywhere in the world!)

By now, you have an opposition party that is all but destroyed and a government that is destroying itself with in-fighting – and a country half of whom will be baying for blood. Very literally in a few maniacs. And who can blame them if the people chosen to manage the country instead see themselves as our feudal overlords and consider us sheep, too stupid to make any rational choice – while they simultaneously fill they pockets with taxpayers money?

We live in dangerous times, truly!

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