What type of writer are you?

According to the surprisingly detailed poll of questions I should be a fantasy writer. What is interesting is my first three books (unpublished and languishing in a box somewhere) were fantasy novels for the pencil and paper role-play market and fantasy is my preferred option for light reading. The novel I’m busily NOT writing (but should be!) is actually a slightly futuristic chase thriller. I need to get back on track with that as the characters do nag me occasionally – poor souls have been stuck in a café for the past 8 months and their cappuccino is stone cold!

Mystical, magical mayhem! You feel the urge to write of fantastic worlds that never were and the beings that might live there. Will you write of Lands of Wonder or high adventures of Magical Folly?

JRR Tolkien, RA Salvatore and Tanith Lee are your guides.

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