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Daily Post, 28th November

Daily post

On this day in history: 28th November

Quote of the day :

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else

~ Marvin Gaye

Chosen pic of the day :

Traveler part2 by Zef Fiddleoak

{ Traveler part2 by Zef Fiddleoak }

e-full wp-image-10675″ />

Zev Hoover, aka Fiddleoak, is a young and fantastically talented photographer. I used to have to do this the hard way with double exposures and a dark room and even at my best I couldn’t hold a candle up to this 14-year-old. He has a fantastic career ahead of him if he keeps this up!

Chosen tube for the day :

This will probably disappear one day, only to pop up again from another uploader, as they do, but fitting in with the ‘on this day in history theme is "I want to hold your hand", by The Beatles:

{ The Beatles: I want to hold your hand }

On this day…

Born today :

  • Actor, Martin Clunes
  • Model, Anna Nicole Smith
  • Pianist, singer, songwriter, Randy Newman
  • Keyboard player with Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Hugh McKenna
  • Writer, John Bunyan, (author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, born in 1628)
  • Poet and painter, William Blake (back in 1757)
  • Architect, Henry Bacon (Lincoln Memorial)
  • Actress, Hope Lange (Ghost & Mrs Muir)
  • Vocalist, Randy Newman

Elsewhere in history:

Ferdinand Magellan begin his crossing of the Pacific Ocean (1520)

The Royal Society forms in London (1660)

On the photography scene, the first Polaroid camera was sold (1948)

Meanwhile, for music buffs, another record was set as well as pressed this day. 1963 – first million-copy record prior to release "I Want to Hold Your Hand", while in the charts The Beatles returned to number one again in the UK with "She loves you"

Feature image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay
(Font used: Victorian LET)

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