Daily Post : on this day 3rd December

Quote of the day :

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.
~ Attributed to an Inuit proverb. Whether the Eskimos would actually say that, I don’t know.

Pic of the day :

Continuing for the moment with a seasonal theme, I took this last January on a short walk to enjoy the crisp outside air.

Winter path

Tube of the day :

Chosen a clip from the film, ‘The Book Thief’, where they have a snowball fight in a cellar!

On this day…

Born today :

  • Singer, Ozzie Osbourne
  • Singer, Andy Williams
  • Writer and novelist, Joseph Conrad
  • Actress, Daryl Hannah
  • Actor, Mel Smith
  • King, Charles VI (the well-loved) of France (1368)
  • Actor, Brendan Fraser
  • Psychologist, Anna Freud (yes, his daughter!)
  • Actress, Amanda Seyfriend
  • Actor, Len Lesser
  • Actress, Heather Menzies (Logan’s Run fame)
  • Musician, composer, singer and songwriter, John Cale OBE (Velvet Underground)
  • Musician and songwriter, Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship)
  • Teacher, inventor, Sir Rowland Hill
    (Note for philatelists. Born 1795, introduced 1st adhesive postage stamp in 1840)
  • Inventor, Samuel Crompton (1753) (Mule-jenny spinning machine)
  • Inventor and manufacturer, Thomas Beecham, (born in St Helens, 1820)
    If the locals are curious, his first product was a laxative using soap, ginger and aloe

Also on this day in history

Dedicated crime readers might recognise this particular date for a story that didn’t get solved by Poirot. It was the day Agatha Cristie disappeared from her Surrey home back in 1926, turning up 11 days later, on the 14th, in Yorkshire, where she was staying under an assumed name at the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate. She claimed at the time she had no recollection of the past fortnight and it remains a mystery to this day.

Or does it? Is truth stranger than fiction? Perhaps we should ask The Doctor about the wasp and the unicorn

In 1984 British Telecom was privatised. The shares immediately made massive gains. Au revoir GPO.

1621 : Galileo invented the telescope.

1976 When pigs can fly The next is more tongue-in-cheek, but apparently true for all that. In 1976 a 40ft inflatable pig was set up as part of the promotions for Pink Floyd’s soon to be released ‘Animals’ record. Algie, as it was nicknanamed, was due to be photographed for the album cover, but it had other ideas and broke free from its moorings, ramaging (ok, drifting) across London. The Civil Aviation Authority issued a warning to all pilots that a flying pig was on the run!. The pig eventually crash-landed on a barn in a dairy farm in Kent. If would have been more ironic though if it landed on a piggery, eh.

2013 : Having previously filed for the largest municipal banruptcy in American history on July 18th 2013, a few months later, on December 3rd, 2013 the city of Detroit, Michigan was declared bankrupt by judge Stephen Rhodes, owing $18.5 billion to creditors. There are a lot of site and articles about now, like this one : 42 Staggering Photos Of Abandoned Detroit

Trending at this moment:

The most notable is RBS and Natwest bank’s outage for several hours on #cybermonday. Presumably all the people desperate for on-line bargains overloaded their servers. Net effect was a lot of people missing out, several more stranded as they couldn’t pay for petrol, train tickets, or the shopping, nor could they simply go to the ‘hole in the wall’ and draw some cash out they were off-line as well. Here’s The Independent’s story on it. A quick Google will list many, many more!

The other big trend, really going viral, is Amazon’s ‘Prime Air’. Lot’s of stories, but my take is it will crash and burn! I took one look at the story and thought, Nah! Jaded? Or Realistic? Think about it for a minute. You have a drone that will leave a depot and fly to its target with the payload! If that thought doesn’t get you running in the opposite direction nothing will, I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

  • It could malfunction and drop on someone’s head. Ambulance chasers are already wetting themselves over this cherry for picking
  • It could be hi-jacked and used as a weapon. Could, then will, if people with things to gain can abuse a system, they will. Basic politics too, is that!
  • It could be cyber-jacked and have it’s package re-routed to waiting thieves. (See above)
  • For fun or profit it could – and in America would – get shot out of the sky. See all of above for that point!

Makes you think, eh.

Interestingly enough, it was recently reported that people were using similar drone and remote control devices to smuggle weapons and contraband into US prisons.

Makes you think just a little more then…

Or a less dramatic turn, trending on Google, The Turner Prize this year was won by Laure Prouvost – with a cup of tea

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