Daily post: 30th November, 2013

Quote of the day :

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
~ Wayne Dyer

Pic of the day :

Rude rhino watering spout, Chester Zoo

Tube of the day :

While it’s Roger Glover’s birthday today we are having a link to Deep Purple live, playing ‘Smoke on the Water’

On this day…

Born today :

  • Writer, Mark Twain
  • Prime minister, Winston Churchill
  • Guitarist and singer, Billy Idol (real name William Broad)
  • Architect, Andrea Palladio
  • Director and producer, Ridley Scott
  • Writer, Jonathan Swift
  • Actor, Bern Stiller
  • Footballer, Gary Lineker
  • Bass player with Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
  • British TV presenter, Lorraine Kelly

On this day in history:

Railway enthusiasts may be interested to know that in 1934 the Flying Scotsman (engine No. 4472) became the first steam locomotive to officially exceed 100mph.

In 1968 the Trade Descriptions Act came into force in the UK.

1982, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album was released. It spent nearly four years in the UK album chart, becoming the biggest selling pop album of all time and wracking up sales of over 50 million copies. The tidbit was from This day in music and I rather think that the sales figure was for world-wide, otherwise nearly every man, woman and child in the country bought their own copy!

Staying with the music industry, but in 1931, His Master’s Voice and Columbia Records merged to become EMI.

Trending at the moment

Yahoo’s trends include Nigella Lawson, for a muck raking legal case covering her divorce, alleged drug abuse and personal assistants going on a personal spending spree after with her credit card. High on the list is whether the UK will or should exit the EU. Personally I think the EU and Brussels especially wants dismantling – stop the lunacy – and the gravy train, please.

Headlining the Daily Mail is the utterly obscene pay and bonuses the UK banks are awarding their top financiers, with some 2,700 pocketing a 30% rise to £1.6 million each, for the year. As the paper says, they still don’t get it.

At the minute most of the trends, including Twitter are focused on the premier league and football. Pass!

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