Book review : Baldur's Gate novels

Baldur’s Gate novels, based on the computer games of the same name

Baldurs Gateb y Philip Athans
Baldurs Gate II Shadows of Amn by Philip Athans ISBN 9-780786-915699
Baldurs Gate II Throne of Bhaal by Drew Karpyshyn ISBN 9-780786-926305

… Published by Wizards of the Coast

In brief, they are a pleasant enough read, if a bit thin. If you’ve played the game it will be an interesting angle for you at least. The ‘Hero’ is a giant, battle ready fighter and you follow his trails and tribulations towards godhood. The only objection I have to the books is in the last one which portrays Minsc (one of the computer characters) as having flowing red hair…

Hey Drew, Minsc of the righteous butt kicking fame is as bald as the proverbial coot!

Minsc from Baldur's Gate

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