Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus glyphs

Guide to Warhammer 40K Mechanicus glyphs

Glyphs: the good, the bad, and the ugly

More accurately, they can be considered as the desirable (Blackstone, CP, and gear), useful (health or initiative), bad (take damage, lose CP, lose initiative) and really bad (awakening hastened).

Note that there is a certain randomness involved in some, while others have limited or restricted tables. For instance, blackstone varies between something like 40 and 79, depending on your progress (e.g. early missions will around 40, later missions around 65). Similarly with STC glyphs, there’s a loot table involved, it’s generally not a fixed reward.

If I know a room only has bad or unneeded glyphs, and I can go around it, I am inclined to reload and do so. Equally, if I have to pass through the room, but I don’t need the glyphs, I don’t click on them, I advance to the next area – you don’t have to click them, you can leave them, or perhaps return to them if need be.

If you use a positive glyph enough, it turns green, if you use a negative glyph enough (why would you!?) it turns red. Keeping open guides like mine are useful, of course, but playing I use a scrap of paper with the glyphs crudely drawn, works for me.

I have tried to group glyphs in the order the appear in the game. I am unsure of the reasoning for some of the duplication, but the rewards generally appear tied to game progress rather than the glyphs, so while some guides suggest ‘this’ blackstone glyph is better than ‘that’ one, it doesn’t appear to be the case. That said, I tend to go for the latter one, just in case I am wrong. However, methodically and repeatedly reloading and retrying suggests any difference is down to the sample range (e.g. at this level it is 40 plus 1d6).

Similarly with STC glyphs, the reward is random, but based on your level, your existing gear, and a small loot table. In practice, if you reload you will get different items (or the same one again): this can be used to your advantage to get better gear early on. There are only a small number available this way, so eventually the early glyph has no apparent reward (i.e. it does not appear to give blackstone, as some guides suggest (though it may have in the past)). (This is an important consideration due to apparent progression rules: e.g. you won’t get a level 2 curation mechadentrite until you have acquired a level 1).

However, the second, later STC glyph IS different though, for two reasons. Firstly, if it doesn’t reward gear, it will reward CP, up to your limit. Secondly, I noted, it can stop giving gear, then later started again, so there may be additional rules involved – for instance, it may give a level three mechadentrite, but only proved you have a level two version first.

In all there are 12 good and 8 bad glyphs. (There may be more, in Heretek, but I don’t think so).

Positive glyphs

Blackstone, the life blood of the game.

STC weapons and accessories

Cognition Points, CPs

💓 Health:
Restore a few health points to one unit, or heal all units a little bit.

Initiative [- -]
Necrons lose some initiative advantage (e.g. you attack earlier, you get the jump on them).

Negative glyphs

Awakening hastened

LOSE Cognition Points, CPs

💔 Health damage:
Harm and remove a few health points from one unit.
(There doesn’t appear to be a ‘damage all’ glyph, though there are events(!) that will do this).

Initiative [++]
Necrons GAIN some initiative advantage (e.g. they attack earlier, they get the jump on you).


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