Warhammer (Online) – Or Warscammer ?


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  1. World of Warcraft Tips
    Warhammer Leveling Guide says:

    sorry about your problems.
    i got my collectors edition pack a few days ago and everything werked perfectly. took me about 40 minutes to install and patch.

    Hmmm … Still (myguidereviews.com/warhammer-guide-reviews/ )

  2. Paul says:

    Just put in the install disk and click on the DirectX, to the centre right of the circle on the menu. Only takes a few seconds to apply. Then you can play fine 🙂

  3. JD says:

    Hi there great review, I am having the same dll error message after downloading and installing thorugh ea downloader, where did you get the updated file and did you have to put it in a specific place.


  4. Paul says:

    Pttt, WoW fanboy indeed! I do like Warcraft, obviously, and Guildwars, and others, but at the end of the day, with nearing 12 million players it is the benchmark to aim for. And I know Warcraft has several flaws and a gold spam problem that is practically a pandemic, and took three years to reach this stage were it is smooth. BUT, as my screens show, there are several errors even before entering the game that should never, ever have left beta.

    My point is and remains not that it will, in time, become hugely popular – especially with pvp’ers – but that it was released before it was ready in reply to market pressures. It is also from the point of view of a tabletop Warhammer player hoping that the wealth of careers and skills would cross over. In fact the innovative approach to professions was so be a selling point in itself. In actuality it is a footnote in the back of the manual. Like it or not, Warhammer on tabletop is a rich roleplay game with a bent towards group encounters. This MMO is a pale reflection aimed towards massive pvp battles.

    And on the subject of graphics, while I prefer the more realistic warts and all of this Warhammer, they are muted, wishy-washy compared to other MMO’s. The intro is ultra vibrant, exciting, rivetingly clear, but the actual game is, in my opinion low resolution. I expected much better and overall remain disillusioned. (The voices and speech however are excellent). My friends who live for pvp like it, but even they aren’t wholly enthusiastic at this stage. That I will return to it is a given, but it will be several months down the line before I am willing to consider a monthly subscription for this. You obviously have no idea how bad it is for even the game loader to be flawed on release.

  5. Jason says:

    After reading the whole “review” I can surely say that you are what they call a WoW fanboy.
    I have been playing WoW since its release and I can asure you that your beloved Wows release was many times worse that Wars.
    But after heavy patching wow became a decend game that I was playing for 3,5 years until War came out. Sure War has bugs, they are releasing smallfixes everyday to fix bugs but NOthing major and gamebreaking, nothing that can stop the fun.

    Sure, if you prefer polished pve games War is not for you. WOTLK will add many intances and lots of pieces of gear to upgrade yours and keep you playing for the next 6 months.
    But if you like PvP and you can endure some minor bugs you will love War and its real time sieges and the fact that everything you do can change the course and the outcome of war by capturing areas and moving towards your enemies capital city.

    ps. I remember playing my paladin in wow and having to relog every 20 minutes or so because the stupid seal of command was buggy and could not be used. And they fixed that in 1.9 many months later so dont tell me that wow was flawless. Even now it is not!

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