Which RPG Class Are You?

The result was a foregone conclusion for me, though I do play many other classes in on-line games like Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars etc. and, in the past, table-top role-playing games like AD&D, Warhammer, MERPs, Palladium, T&T

Congratulations, you are a wizard/mage! (Whichever name you prefer.)
Wizard/mages lie at the outskirts of battle, laying waste to as many enemies they can. This class is unique due to it’s great flexibility and potential. Those dedicated to learning spells and different kinds of magic can become very, very strong. Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Hydromancy, Chronomancy, Necromancy: The list is truly endless, allowing you to dabble in each magic for versatility, or devoting all of your time to mastering a handful of traits to become a true force to be reckon with. They may not excel in close-combat, but the skills they possess more than make up for it. They are highly important in groups to help add on as much damage as possible to, normally, multiple enemies at a time.
These are intellectual, wise, and strategic fighters.

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