Neverwinter Nights Tips and Hints : Chapter 2, Port LLast and Luskan

Chapter Two: Port Llast and Luskan

I don’t recall anything particular hard about the Port Llast areas but one or two bits of Luskan might have you scratching your head. As ever, explore every nook and cranny.

Elaith Craulnober has the key to Wanev’s, plus a side quest to gather gems.


Comcarr’s Fantabulous Contraptulater

Location of the levers:

  • Lever of Stone – in a chest in a locked room in the Wind and Tickle
  • Lever of Wind – in the sewers, in a box near the Ghoul Lord
  • Lever of Water – from the Ghoul outcast for his brothers Amulet of Power, along with the key to the chamber, which is also in the sewers.
  • Lever of Fire (is intact)

Potions available

Water and Stone for Endurance
Water and Wind for ‘Cure Moderate Wounds’
Water and Fire for ‘Fox’s Cunning’

Water, Fire and Stone for *NOTHING*
Water, Fire and Air for Speed
Water, Stone and Wind for Clarity

Water, Stone, Wind and Water for *sewage* (Honest!)

Fire and Stone for ‘Bull’s Strength’
Fire and Wind for ‘Cat’s Grace’

Stone and Wind for Invisibility

Incidentally, telling the merchant gets you 250 XP and a big discount. Note that this may have a negative effect on the prices you sell items for.

Host Tower

On level 3 put a Slaad tongue and Gargoyle Skull on the alchemist table and
cast ‘Dispel Magic’ for a Rod of Reversal. If you are not a spell caster, the ‘Ring of Magic Defence’ works just as well (if you have (randomly) found one), as does a ‘rod of dispelling’.

On level 4, with the locked door, use golem replication rods and let the helmed horror batter open the door. Save first mind as it can be a rough battle. Personally I found it hardest winning and keeping the wizard (Riardo Domine) alive as he kept casting acid clouds and ice storms just before pleading I surrender and killing himself with his own magic. D’oh!

Can’t remember if it was here and/or later, but the battle devourers are susceptible to magic missiles and bludgeoning. Just piercing and slashing at them is a good way to die, if I recall.


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