Neverwinter Nights Hints and Tips, Chapter 3, Beorunna’s Well

Chapter Three: Beorunna’s Well

The Elk tribe fort, Northern Homesteads
Rescue Uncas from the Orc caves for the feather token to enter fort in peace. Besides the quest for Zoltan, you’ll find two items for your henchmen here.

The wizards dungeon, Coldwood.
I doubt you’ll get stuck with the gongs and there is a huge clue on a scroll there, but if you do, the sequence for the gongs is Puma, Dog, Bear, Dragon.

Defeating the Red Dragon, Klauth
If you explore properly and follow the clues, you’ll know to kill the poor Blue Dragon BEFORE putting the orb in its pedestal. With it you can poison the elder wyrm with the tainted item and ‘relatively’ easily slaughter him. Spelling up heavily before trying is always a good idea, just in case!

Creator Ruins

Riddle of Light
Blue and yellow make green, so you would put one green stone in each of the secondary pools.

Riddle of Smoke
Top: Orange sunstone, so mix red and yellow
Middle: Purple amethyst, so mix red and blue
Bottom: Green jade, so mix blue and yellow

I’m not sure of the relevance of this, but an easel was annotated that the Old Ones believed in the power of certain gems and that malachite was the least of them, amethyst highly prized and emeralds the most revered. I half suspect that it you put said gems somewhere you get a reward. Or maybe not!

Riddle of Sound
Simply trot behind the fairy, banging the gongs after her.

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