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  1. Joe says:

    Uhmmm, yeah… Some things here are true, and some things are not. The Beastman Foe event does have level 4 foes to defeat, but they are only in one area. It should be noted that this is a business, and they need money not just to operate, paying for the servers and staff, but they need to turn a profit as well. You can play for free, but it should be expected that you will progress slower.

    I don’t see how trying to remain at keep level 7 is going to help. You can build up your army, but they will only be tier I and II units, which won’t be strong vs higher level opponents, and you will have higher losses during events.

    There are researches that take over 420 days. I don’t know the upper end as I saw these with some bonuses speeding research. After working on research speed, these dropped to 300 days! Almost reasonable…

    • Ack – UK – Been in and and around computers and online since the stone age!
      Ack says:

      It was written a few years back, some things may have changed 🙂

      As for “making a profit”, my point wasn’t that they shouldn’t, but that their monetization was grossly excessive and predatory.

      Fast forward to the present and Diablo Immortal to see where unfettered greed leads too. Diablo Immortal, Free to play, but figure upwards of $100,000 to max your character.

      Also, for Warhammer Chaos & Conquest, half a year to learn a skill, there is that. Shades of Eve Online!

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