Jasper Carrott – Driven to Distraction – References

Appendix F – References and Acknowledgements


Jasper Carrott Rabbitts On and On and On (LP album)

Jasper Carrott, Rabbitts On and On and On…,
This Record Co. / DJM (Distribution), 1975

Jasper Carrott Beat the Carrott (LP album)

Jasper Carrott, Beat the Carrott,
DJM Records Ltd., 1981

(Beat the Carrott is now also available on DVD, with video)

Jasper Carrott Beat the Carrott on DVD


Jasper Carrott A Little Zit On The Side

A Little Zit on the Side,
by Jasper Carrott,
London: Arrow Books Ltd., 1979
(Now out of print but can be found on Amazon etc)

An Introduction to Language and Society

An Introduction to Language and Society,
by M. Montgomery,
London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1986
(Now in second edition)

Varieties of English

Varieties of English,
by P. Freeborn, P. French and D. Langford,
London: Macmillan Education Ltd, 1986
(Second edition 1993)

Thesis and Assignment Writing

Thesis and Assignment Writing,
by B.H. Durston and M. Poole,
Sydney: J. Wiley & Sons Australasia Pty. Ltd.,
(Latest reprint appears to be ‘Publisher: Juta Legal and Academic Publishers; 4th Revised edition edition (30 Sep 2008)’)


Thanks to Arrow Books for (previous) permission to copy the illustration and sketch from Jasper Carrott’s book.

Thanks also goes to Bob Davis himself (now an OBE), alias Jasper Carrott, for the inspiration for this project – and for many years of laughter.

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