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Feedback is always welcome, good or bad. Please do tell me a little about how you found the site, what you’re interested in here and if there’s anything I can do to improve the site for you. I always try to respond to genuine messages and requests for help and support the same day..

Or at least the same day I read them! Unless, of course, umm, a patch causes a non-apparent technical problem with the delivery of form notification emails and I miss it, for say a year. (The free version of WPForms can be notoriously fickle, I find!).

Naturally I would notice such an event, err, eventually, and would fix it.

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Please note I no longer offer free links to all and sundry, reciprocal or otherwise.

If you are contacting for something more – designing a site for you, advertising, doing a genuine* guest post, asking for help maybe – just say and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Spammers, affiliate-types, sales-people and chancers please note: really, don’t bother, all your junk is deleted. Typically you will lead with some obscure offer or compliment (I see you!), you will have a throwaway email (I see you), you will say your email is Fred1234@gmail and sign the message with something like “I look forward to working with you, best regards, Kaitlin”. (I see you).
*Offers of template product advertising copy as a guest ‘post’ get filed under ‘spam’.

~ Ack

Archived and old contact notes:

Contacting us, how else to reach us: Try the social networks we are on!

Read on from the archives

For email to Ackadia itself:

Emailing Ackadia direct: (circa 2002)

You’d have to get past my spam filters first and they are totally ruthless. The simple, sad fact is I am rushing towards a million spam messages a month, and no, I’m not kidding. If you are not white-listed, you don’t stand a chance. Even then, the authorised emails have to run a gauntlet and I have no intention of relaxing it until spam ceases.

Fast forward to November 2005 and my spam continues to explode exponentially – it’s now around 2 a second – 65 million a year!

Moving ahead to May 2007: Ah, for the good old days when it was only 65 million spam a year!

What surprised me is that after 18 months offline, the messages returned unknown en mass, the volume of spam to my mailbox has gone up again. I set up Procmail, spam assassin and a sandbox. A few minutes later I had 2,550 messages with another 3,500 bounced and/or eaten. Shrugged and killed the account. RIP mailbox!

I will add folk to the list if I think I can trust them, but it’s not very tolerant, as I say. Better to use the throw-away email account above as that’s fine. If it’s compromised, I just edit the link above, so much easier, I find.

(Old rotary phone via Pixabay: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

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