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  1. Satans Thong says:

    As any responsible parent would.
    I don’t let my daughter on here either.
    Of course, she is 3 and unable to surf the web yet.
    But I have all manner of parental locks and monitoring programs all ready for when she grows up.

    (Originally posted on milliontwits .com)

  2. Paul says:

    Actually, Satan, it was aimed at both of you! You are both role models for why I WON’T let my children on the Internet without supervision and frequent monitoring

    (Originally posted on Milliontwits .com)

  3. Satans Thong says:

    I love the disclaimer.
    That was aimed at shtfck wasn’t it?
    It can’t have been me, I’m like a fluffy kitten.

    (originally posted on milliontwits .com)

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