Microsoft wireless laser mouse 8000 not connected


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  1. Terence says:

    Same problem, my keyboard connects but my mouse doesn’t, I have to connect it manualy threw control panel, bluetooth settings, can anyone help

  2. moby2800 says:

    same for me keyboard is sound but the mouse keeps disconectiong for no aparent reson what so ever and takes a good 5 to 8 minits to conect again windows vista 64x this only hapens when i put the mouse drivers in if i dont put them in no problems at all but then i dont have the bluetooth instaled then this is not right microsoft carnt get there own products to work on ther own os what is the mater with them . i mean this desktop 8000 keyboard and mouse was not cheap and you would expect it to work.

  3. hiram says:

    exact same problem. keyboard works fine but my Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 can not connect…installed microsoft Intellipoint 6.3…windows vista 64. this is annoying as heck!

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