Bad web interface for Twitter protected accounts

I have my account profile protected and accidentally blocked @someusername. Can you please unblocked it for me (and accept).

On that point:
Why is the ‘block’ right under the ‘Accept’ instead of to the right of the ‘decline’. Also, why is there no confirm?

New request message for protected accounts – as is:

Not being funny, but it’s a really bad interface design you have there. So easy to mis-click, no confirm and impossible to undo without raising a ticket (like this one).

~ Paul

Below I’ve added an edited version showing how it should have been coded. It still bothers me that with all their staff and venture capital millions in the bank Twitter are unable to get something as simple as a web interface right! Personally I have looked at working something to report spam in there as well, but it seems Twitter are happy to turn a blind eye to that problem!

New request message for protected accounts – as I believe it should be:

(It should be noted that @justamoochin is on my friends list. Which emphasises how easily it is to accidentally block (and plus flag!) a friend.)

((Note: This was moved from milliontwits .com)


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