12 reasons NOT to follow someone on Twitter


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  1. Renee says:

    Fab post, but how many get it? The ‘numbers game’ is so promoted, people don’t realize that followers who fit in your list are utterly useless to them. A couple more: those folks who post see whatever useless thing I’m promoting + a shortened URL and put in several users names (usually those who aren’t already following them), knowing you’ll see them when you check your @ replies and stupdily thinking that you’ll follow them. Also those folks who post names with the #FF hash all day Friday.

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  2. Paul Wilson says:

    I’ve got another one for you. Always unfollow someone who NEVER responds to your tweets and only tweets in blocks of 5 or 7 messages. They never tweet about mundane or silly things either, just make a mill or 2 and by the way have you seen the latest greatest moneyspinner.

    (Originally posted on milliontwits.com)

  3. aparmet says:

    Great article! It seems like just about all my new followers are marketers or spammers. Where are the real people?!? With Twitter’s recent fix I shed about 60 followers, all bots, spammers or scammers. I’ve found methods like those above to be pretty helpful at weeding out the rest.

    (Originally posted on milliontwits.com)

  4. Satans Thong says:

    Dude, I am shocked at number 12.
    Does this mean you report me often?

    (Originally posted on milliontwits.com)

  5. Shandreen says:

    I agree with alot of these and I admit I am a newish follower but I love yer humour at times.

    So many marketers its getting worse to stop the spam and locing account isnt a freaking option as it takes the whole point of it away 🙁

    (Originally posted on Milliontwits.com)

  6. Renoka says:

    Hi. Just wanted to say that this is a really good set of advise for everyone at twitter because of the marketers swarming twitter nowadays
    and tho i don’t have a profile pic..i am indeed a real person L0lz. best of luck going about your goal although your doing a good job already 🙂

    (originally posted on Milliontwits.com)

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