Real Twitterers do exist

Real Twitterers DO exist. I know because my bot found them! Ummm OOops. Sussed. I absolutely refute any claims I used a bot to find the following REAL Twitterers!

Appearing on this list in a privilege. I WILL be keeping an eye on it! Clowns that @message me with affiliate links are automatically excluded! (Note: new page, Currently editing!)

Caveat: Please note some of these people may be nutters and I have no control over their language, links, insights or diatribe!

The Gadgetshows @jasonbradbury is not only real but a role model for how twitterers – especially celebrity ones should act!

JasonBradbury: @milliontwits Thatz the best suggestion I’ve heard. Although, I’m still going for 1. sell, 2. destroy 🙂

@Satans_Thong @milliontwits Firstly – You are an evil B.! I am starving here. Can’t even have my morning coffee!!

xxlucyappxx: @milliontwits :O the culprit!!! Should of known you can’t trust come one called @Satans_Thong I mean.. Satan. and thong! in one name.. tut!

JenMilan720: Heyyyyyyyyyyy newbs!!!! @milliontwits @krisempire

elbeard: @milliontwits Stalking is nothing to be ashamed of. The media’s given us a bad name.

buffyc: @milliontwits ah yeah I see 🙂 the laptop can handle 64bit if I ever feel the need lol Cheers for help Paul 🙂

@shtfck i dont even think @milliontwits is listening to me… maybe HE is the bot…

Exactly. RT @Mom101: Man, a zillion posts out there on how to get your blog noticed by marketers and no one ever suggests just writing well.

JohnChow: @milliontwits You can read my review of Hummingbird here:
JohnChow: @milliontwits The best feature is it remembers who you unfollow so you don’t follow them again. Try doing that manually. 🙂

@chriswinchester @milliontwits Hey Paul – I’m real.I think, Good luck with the global domination thing 🙂

thegadgetgirl @milliontwits Thank you 🙂 Hope you have a good day!

bhinn: Good for you! We’ll find a way to beat the bots @milliontwits … I’ll toss on buttons for a couple of charities …Bots already own Twitter

@rhcerff @milliontwits Well I’m certainly a bot on a Monday morning…

@helemaalbij @milliontwits watch out who you call a bugger 😉

RandyTheHermit: @milliontwits Hey, I am nobodies Bot and I told you not to call me that 🙂

jacobseethaler: @milliontwits yeah that’s my company – i guess you can call it an isp – mostly just web design

BenStokell: @milliontwits i’m following you and i’m pretty sure i’m a real person. i do agree with you though – twitter’s being used too much for ads.

Trevorjensen: @milliontwits treadmill masters?

Bazzadoyle: @milliontwits Real as far as I am aware

geekgirldiva: @milliontwits Considering you followed me first, I figured you knew I wasn’t a bot ;P

zuppaholic: @milliontwits heyy..I’m a real person… ;P
zuppaholic: @milliontwits lol…yup..I’ve been tweeting with my real friends in the real world tho.. Haha..

nschmier: @milliontwits i used to be a real person but the gov’t bailed me out and replaced my brain with a more efficient micro-chip.

CrazyCatLadie: I didn’t scare @milliontwits away with my upchuck story! Yeah!

glitzyorbit: @milliontwits i am real .. are you?

justmk: RT @frankannie: RT @milliontwits Oh FFS, how pathetic is this – using a #quote to link to affiliate site for a chance of making a fast buck.

BoogieTheMags: @milliontwits ~~~ I like the term ‘twit’ for those who twitter! I also like the word ‘twittionaire’ 🙂 ~~~

ackadia: @milliontwits Yep! Obscured links is a recipe for trouble and an open market feeding frenzy for affiliate spammers!

sumal: RT @milliontwits O.o interesting avatar image for @sumal – Terminator Smiley. Not seen one of those – before. – THANKS

bonnieackerley: @milliontwits Good luck with your quest Mate! there can’t be many of us “Ack’s” out there tho is there???

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3 thoughts on “Real Twitterers do exist

  1. I love the disclaimer.
    That was aimed at shtfck wasn’t it?
    It can’t have been me, I’m like a fluffy kitten.

    (originally posted on

  2. Actually, Satan, it was aimed at both of you! You are both role models for why I WON’T let my children on the Internet without supervision and frequent monitoring

    (Originally posted on

  3. As any responsible parent would.
    I don’t let my daughter on here either.
    Of course, she is 3 and unable to surf the web yet.
    But I have all manner of parental locks and monitoring programs all ready for when she grows up.

    (Originally posted on

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