Building up a large, dedicated following fast on Twitter

[Note: this data applies to my account, which I’m closing. (Since closed). The entry was originally posted there on July 16th, 2009 at 14:08]

3.20am and I’ve still a few things to do tonight so this will be brief. Here’s the latest progress graphs. It is interesting to note this since utilising automated software to find followers (which I then manually validate!) my growth rate has actually slowed down slightly. Does leave me more time to do other things though. Anyway:

The results below are for my (old, closed) (@)milliontwits account for July 16th, 2009, part of a social media test I had going. It should be noted that at the time I was very active on Twitter for one or two accounts and that it took only a few weeks to build up 10,000 VETTED followers. That means real people and companies following me back, not bots, not spammers. Most didn’t actually interact, but that wasn’t the point of the experiment.

If you want to know how I managed it, it like this – be a real person. Treat followers like friends and acquaintances, not like ‘marks’ for a marketing campaign or simply numbers to massage your ego. That and a lot of hard work.

My Hubspot : Twittergrader Rank – First in the UK, ahead of Philip Schofield and Jonathan Ross. Go me!


Twittergrader graph of follower progress


Hubspot’s Twitter Grader rank : Grade of 100% and ranked 498 out of 2.7 million


Twittercounter graph for comparison


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