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Server updates – on the move. Again.

Host change: to WP Engine Latest server update to improve the site responsiveness for viewers. Someone once said I was the most laid back person they’d ever met. Someone else said I was bat shit crazy. Both were probably right, depending on the circumstance. Some things that perhaps should upset,...


Site updates August to September 2020

* Takes a big hammers * Short version: I am revising every single page and post on the site, checking and redoing: Every image Every external link Every instance of corrupted html (e.g. £ or a single quote rendered as a string of foreign characters) Looking for typo’s etc, occasionally...


Website issues – man down, hands tied!

At present Ackadia is having serious issues with connectivity and it’s a tad frustrating, and annoying, that there is little to nothing I can do about the situation. [ Now fixed, but read on. ] Well, I could change hosting companies – again – but as I’ve paid in advance...


Oops! WordPress broken, cannot redeclare

WordPress crashed – cannot redeclare Beggar! A plug-in and/or function edit just broke the site. Normal service will resume in a minute! … OK … this is not good :/ The fault, if you are curious is new and specific to one theme which previously worked fine and just fell...


Site revision : Nov 2013, moving over to WordPress

Just a short post to cover the changes going on here and apologise for the ugly, perhaps unsettling jarring effect of bouncing from one version of the site to another. Really I should do this off-line, badgering away for months hacking, tweaking and polishing and then unleash the new, improved,...


Update for June 2012

Update June 2012 The site has been sorely neglected these past few years. Hopefully, as I fight my way out of depression, I can begin to rectify that and catch up, updating all areas gradually. ~ Paul

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