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Colourblindness as it relates to web and graphic design considerations


Colour Blindness and Web design – intro

Why bother ? "Hmmm ? Never thought about it." "Why bother going to all that trouble, it’s not like it affects many folk…" "Well, they can’t see properly, nothing we can do about that, is there?" "Looks fine to me and that’s what matters!" Given that you are here, reading...


Colour Blindness and Web design – charts

Colour Charts showing visible spectrums The standard websafe colour palette: Same palette seen with Deuteranope colourblindness: Same palette seen with Protanope colourblindness: (To find: Tritan palette) Colour blindness and web design menu : [ Intro ] [ Charts ] [ Conditions ] [ Examples ] [ Links ]


Colour Blindness and Web design – Conditions

Forms of colorblindness Normal vision Trichromasy All three cones types are present and working normally Mildly colour blind Anomalous trichromasy A mild colour deficiency or weakness affecting 6.3% of men and 0.37% of women. One or more of the three cones light-sensitive pigments are not quite right, affecting the balance...


Colour Blindness and Web design – screen grabs

I actually wrote this series of articles over tens years ago so the screen grabs below are rather dated, but do still show that choosing the right colour scheme makes your site easier to read to everyone. I suppose, in retrospect, I should have also used a series of images...


Colour Blindness and Web design – links

Links and resources relating to colour blindness Wickline colour filter : See your web site through colourblind eyes. Wickline colour simulation – wheel charts Vischeck – You can see pages with this online utility, or download their free plug-in filter to emulate colorblindness. Webexhibits – Causes of Colour. This is...

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