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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Empowering yourself to escape depression.

Intro As you may know if you follow Ackadia, I’ve been struggling with ill-health for several years now and spells of sometimes suicidal levels of chronic depression, the last – current – spell being especially bad, probably the worst. Details don’t matter but I had myself put in hospital before...


Depression and breaking points. The cycle of hope and despair

You know in all the ‘action movies’ where the besieged heroes are valiantly crossing the decrepit rope bridge, rotten boards breaking off and falling hundreds of feet down into the chasm, rope or vines on the main cable coming apart, one strand at a time? Well, that’s life. Stuff happens....


Depression is the new in thing?

‘Celebs’ doing depression You have to laugh how all of a sudden it almost seems fashionable to be “depressed”. You can almost hear the PR people and ‘celebrity’ agents minds ticking over with this: Agent: “Have you seen the coverage Catherine Zeta-Jones is getting? Get out there now and admit...


Home : updates October 2008

Updates for October 2008 Anyway, for a few weeks now Live Messenger has been off-line, reporting: messenger problem 80072745. Normally I fix things like that straight away but most of the time I don’t bother with Messenger so I ignored it. Healthier to get out the chair and ask if...

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