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Personal experiences and general posts on depression and mental health issues.


Depression and finding myself again

Intro I’ve flagged this as psychological rather than general mutterings but I’ll soon start work on my sites again so perhaps it will be in a ‘personal’ category. We’ll see. My wife and children think I’m having a mid-life crisis, my mum and aunty are just glad I don’t look...


More positive affirmation notes from my past

Trying to refind yourself These notes have been in a box for I don’t know how many years and are perhaps a measure of the person I was or maybe could have been, had I not lost my path and let life and depression wear me down. I am trying...


Shoot the damn dog – a memoir of depression

Shoot the damn dog : a memoir of depression ~ by Sally Brampton If you have long-term depression yourself, or know someone close suffering from it, this is recommended reading. There are many different types of depression and it can take people in different ways, but whatever form it takes...


Forty nine this week and feeling it

49 this week, the years go fast! (End August 2011) Still waiting to see the NHS psychologists, but doing what I can to keep my moods in check and avoid the really dark lows. According to the last update I had I am third in the queue for screening –...


Defeat Depression – 52 brilliant ideas for healing a troubled mind

Defeat depression: 52 brilliant ideas for healing a troubled mind ~ by Dr Sabina Dosani This is a subjective review by a chronically depressed bloke that’s close to had enough. I read this yesterday but felt at the time I got little from it, though it was an easy read...


Coping with Depression. Guide to what works – a subjective review

Coping with Depression. A guide to what works for patients carers and professionals This is a subjective review of the above book, by Dr Costas Papageorgiou, Dr Hannah Goring and Dr Justin Haslam After a brief introduction the book starts with a chapter by an unnamed patient of theirs whose...


Breaking the depression cycle. My positive affirmation and empowerment list.

Intro This was and is more for myself, but 1 in 4 people have depression or other mental health issues at some point in their life or, for some, throughout there life, so perhaps you may find it useful too, whether as a clinician, as someone with mental health problems,...


Rediscovering yourself – self empowerment 101

Rediscovering myself Yourself, or as here, myself. This will be a long, rambling post. This is primarily for my benefit, to find my center again and where I need to be in life to heal. If you get something out of it, great. If you see this as blowing my...

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