Category: Autism

Psychology posts, with a focus on autism, austic spectrum and Asperger’s


Autism, Artificial Intelligence and the Turing Test

Autism and the Turing Test At the start of the (sci-fi) film The Machine a panel sat before an array of computers, each relating to an A.I. with voice synthesisers. (Similar, I guess, to existing tournaments). The problem posed in the film wasn’t which was an AI (as all were),...


Spineless Labour MPs desert autistic hacker

Labour deserter Autistic hacker This is a follower on from the Daily Mails article, entitled: BETRAYED: Spineless Labour MPs who backed Asperger’s victim’s bid to beat extradition desert him (By James Chapman and Ian Drury 15th July 2009) My reply to them : Surprised no-one else has commented yet! Late...


re Autistic petition for UFO hacker

Autistic UFO hacker Gary McKinnon Posted this reply (to them) in response to The Inquirer’s story about ‘Autistic petition for UFO hacker’ because some of the replies – and even the writer in one place – didn’t have a clue what they were talking about! (The Inquirer site now redirects...

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