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Kidney failure u/e charts, 2006

Graphs and charts for blood pressure, potassium and creatinine, 2006 These charts are mostly of interest to doctors and medical students Morning blood pressure chart, 2006: Blood pressure was very high until the Royale put me on amlodopine and got to treating the underlying cause of the kidney failure. Evening...


Home : personal update July 2007

Personal update, 1st July 2007 I’ve had a ghastly week, it feels like my blood urea is right up again and my kidneys are giving me loads of grief – not a good thing as by the time you can feel the pain… Just as well I’m back in hospital...


Official apology from Whiston Hospital for lack of patient care

NHS Whiston Trust apology: ref 244/2006 (The 244th complaint ?) Dear Mr Ackerley I write in reply to your letter received on 12 September 2006 regarding your recent admission to ward K3. I am sorry to learn of your recent dissatisfaction with our service and in particular the overall care...


Reminding hospitals about patient care

Follow up and comments for the letter to the Chief Executive of Whiston NHS Trust I sent my letter first class on 9th August, 2006: PALS responded straight away, saying as I’d moved to another hospital there was nothing they could do. St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust finally...


Official complaint to the Ann Marr, Chief Executive of Whiston Hospital

Copy of letter sent to PALS and to the chief executive of the trust 09/09/06 Dear Ms Marr, I write to complain, stating a failure to provide a duty of care, whilst under the care of Whiston Hospital. The details follow in chronological order. 22/08/06 I attended for my appointment...

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