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Two dozen photography word puzzles to tease you

Photography word puzzles Hint: this was first written back in the 80’s – a bygone era with no PC’s as such, no Internet and no photo printers – when film cameras ruled the world and photographers used dark rooms to process pictures. Fill in the word / letters which best...


Closer still. A guide to Photomacrography

Photomacrography (with film) Note: this was actually written for an ‘A’ level English assignment in ages past, long before digital cameras came out. That said, everything here is almost as valid now as it was then. Enjoy. Have you ever wanted to fill your camera frame with a tiny insect,...


Southport Airshow 2008

Southport Airshow (2008) We missed most of due, largely due to the weather – no great desire to stand in the rain for 8 hours watching the odd flyby. As it was it brightened up in the afternoon and we caught the tail-end. Shame, from what I saw in the...


Camera and Photography Manufacturers

Digital and film camera companies I reckon I’ve covered all the main players, the rest I will add as I come to them. If you think you belong below or want your entry amending, let me know. Paul. Addenda 2020. Many years since I first wrote this and a number...


Digital photography terminology and glossary

Photo Glossary A/V outputs Audio Video or A/V outputs allow you send an image or recording to a TV for viewing. AVI A video movie format clip in Windows. Unlike standards created MPEG, it can need any one of a frankly bewildering number of proprietary variations of AVI Video CODEC’s....

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