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Players Guide to Northgard

This post: circa 6,000 words, estimated reading time, excluding videos: 30 minutes. A guide to easier progress in Northgard What is Northgard? I’m assuming you found this page by Googling for help, but you could just be browsing Ackadia, so maybe this is something for you to get into. Basically,...


Why I quit Diablo Immortal, and why you perhaps should too.

Diablo Immortal: Cess pits get more love!   Caveat first From the viewpoint of casual PvE, dip in and play, this is a great game. Nobody is going to dispute that. However, if you expect to progress beyond that, if you expect rewards, if you want a place on the...


Diablo Immortal: fun to pay!

Diablo Immoral: Greed personified Don’t get me wrong, if you are a casual player, if you don’t want to progress, if you don’t want to play for more than an hour or so a day, it’s a great free game. Huzzah! If you are a PvE player and want to...


Thea 2: The Shattering: Crafting guide

Crafting in Thea 2: The Shattering   This guide takes a ‘best option’ approach as, otherwise, there are too many variables. The best material suggested below is relative to gathering and crafting time, not Best in Slot. For instance, crafting a ring using tier 5 ‘secret alloy’ instead of tier...


Shop Titans guide

This post: circa 6,000 words, estimated reading time, excluding videos: 29 minutes. MENU: Intro Missing blurb: things they carefully avoid mentioning micro-management: read as ‘time sinkhole’ It’s ‘free to play’ right? The energy barrier The tiime and cost barrier Power-levelling Precrafting for profit Slow and steady wins the race (with...


Spellcaster University: room upgrades

Spellcaster University: room upgrades These are all the room upgrades as at v1.01, sorted into categories and disciplines. e.g. (Artifacts > Arcane) Also available as an alphabetical bullet point list. Artifacts (swords, weapon racks, statues, doorways, etc) Beds Decorations (banners, paintings, trophies) Familiars (cats, faun, dragons, pets etc) Relics (chests,...

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