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Shop Titans guide

This post: circa 6,000 words, estimated reading time, excluding videos: 29 minutes. MENU: Intro Missing blurb: things they carefully avoid mentioning micro-management: read as ‘time sinkhole’ It’s ‘free to play’ right? The energy barrier The tiime and cost barrier Power-levelling Precrafting for profit Slow and steady wins the race (with...


Spellcaster University: room upgrades

Spellcaster University: room upgrades These are all the room upgrades as at v1.01, sorted into categories and disciplines. e.g. (Artifacts > Arcane) Also available as an alphabetical bullet point list. Artifacts (swords, weapon racks, statues, doorways, etc) Beds Decorations (banners, paintings, trophies) Familiars (cats, faun, dragons, pets etc) Relics (chests,...


Spellcaster university: Traits

Student and Facilty traits and their effects Sometimes it makes little difference, sometimes it can make a noticeable difference to your progress. Consider a Brilliant and Passionate Worker, of Lawful Good alignment and blessed with Child of Nature, in a Passionate Nature House, with a Nature teacher who is also...


Spellcaster university: Rooms guide

Classes and utility rooms and how to draw them { Drawing cards. Here ‘base’ for gold } It’s not absolute as, for instance, you can spend Shadow Mana and be offered an Alchemy potion, but as a rough guide, it serves. So, buy ‘Base’ items with gold, arcane items with...


Spellcaster University: Potions guide

Potions, you’ve got to mix it, mix it! { Available potions } It should be noted the while potions come under the category of alchemy, there are quite separate. There are cards and items that can affect potions, but a grandmaster alchemist is no better at mixology than a first-year...


Spellcaster University Guide: Challenges

Unlocking Challenge cards The extra deck cards do also appear in some events, so this unlocking guide relates to completing campaigns in challenge mode. Two points to bear in mind here. Firstly, completing the challenge is not simply a campaign unlock, it’s a game unlock. Think of it like hidden...


Spellcaster University: Bullet points

Bullet points for rooms etc in Spellcaster University This is more of a supplementary index page, a quick answer to “How do I get this?” See the expanded pages in our Spellcaster University Guide for more detailed information. Classes and utility rooms and how to draw them { Drawing cards....


Spellcaster University Guide

Introduction to Spellcaster University This is the long version, for the quick answers, I have added a bullet point guide to Spellcaster University cards. This is more of a guide than a review, but I found the perfect game review on GOG, so, take it away, Igasho: Hours of Fun...


Steam game time as a problem

Dev quitting Steam over the two-hour refund policy This post is in reply to an article on Eurogamer: Steam’s two-hour refund policy leads to indie developer quitting game development, adding ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’. It sets the story up nicely, but Gamersutras explanation is better: Steam...

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