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Making sense of Unity PPU and compression

Unity and Pixels per unit No, I don’t have the answer – yet – but I will. I’m still new to Unity and trying to get my head round this one aspect, the rest is simple, in comparison. PPU is not straight forward, at all. I wouldn’t say it’s complicated,...


Developing a game from scratch, 2020

Clarification While I have – on and off – played with programming for decades, have worked on Circle MUD based MMOs and have designed board games, I am not a ‘developer’, I am, as far as you are concerned, a complete and utterly clueless noob. This is not a “How...


Debugging features of MS Visual Basic and C

Brief comparison and contrast of the Debugging features of MS Visual Basic and C Nota bene: Again, this is an old assignment I did about a decade ago for a HNC Software Engineering course I did. Useful if only for historic reason, but much of it still holds true. Overview...


Systems Analysis – Systems Life Cycles

Systems Analysis: Systems Life Cycles I actually wrote this back in 2002 as part of a HNC in Software Engineering and Computing, and though dated, it’s still useful, so I’ve added it here 🙂 CONTENTS Systems Life Cycles Key elements in the prototyping approach Critical appraisal of Systems Analysis Techniques...


Book review: Visual Basic 6

These a cursory reviews of several books I was reading at the time, as I did a module on Visual Basic during a HNC in Computing and Software Engineering Visual Basic Controls in a Nutshell By Evan S Dictor ©1999 O’Reilly & Associates: ISBN 1-56592-294-8 In a nutshell, it’s an...


Book review: Excel programming

Microsoft Office User Specialist – Microsoft Excel 2000 – Cheat Sheet by Rick Winter Published by [ ] QUE   (ISBN 0-7897-2116-3) Didn’t realise it at the time when I picked it up, but this book is actually aimed at professionals wanting to prepare for the MS MOUS exam....

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