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Interesting Engineering: How transistors are made

How transistor chips are made Via Interesting Engineering, on Facebook: Microchips are in nearly everything, and they power much of what makes the modern world possible. Here’s how they’re made


BSOD: when experts get it wrong

Intro BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the infamous sight of windows crashing, perhaps taking your work with it, perhaps taking everything with it, as the crash corrupts the file allocation tables beyond repair! (This is why we do back-ups, people!) The problem with the BSOD, and Microsoft’s cryptic messages, is...


Making sense of Unity PPU and compression

Unity and Pixels per unit No, I don’t have the answer – yet – but I will. I’m still new to Unity and trying to get my head round this one aspect, the rest is simple, in comparison. PPU is not straight forward, at all. I wouldn’t say it’s complicated,...


Developing a game from scratch, 2020

Clarification While I have – on and off – played with programming for decades, have worked on Circle MUD based MMOs and have designed board games, I am not a ‘developer’, I am, as far as you are concerned, a complete and utterly clueless noob. This is not a “How...


Contact form spam

A friend received the following, below, so I deconstructed it for her, advising that it was “dodgy as heck, do not follow the link”. This is a mass spam to get unwary people to click on the link, which will almost certainly install malware or the like on your computer....


Who owns data on you?

I’ll tell you a little story first. True as it happens. Many years ago – decades actually! – I used to hang around IRC-based chat rooms talking to other techies and MUD gamers. One evening we got a troll, some annoying kid that believed the anonymity of the Internet allowed...

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