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Web development and hosting at affordable prices

The basic pricelist suffices for now.

The brass ha’penny price is indeed correct, but that offer is limited to friends, family, and any small charities or start-ups I feel like helping. You may not qualify for that plan, but I think the other plans still have much to interest you.

Note also that I am only offering the brass plan at present! Others should be available from June.

Read on.



Explaining the classes

The Brass (“I ain’t got ha’penny to me name”) class

This is essentially free, and the only cost is that of domain registration. No, there are no hidden traps like adverts and affiliate links sneaking in.

As I say, that’s strictly limited to kin and folk I am keen to support. If you have a small animal charity, one I am happy to support and help, like say Kitten Karers, ask.

It won’t be the fastest, it won’t be massively optimised, and you’ll maybe have to do most if not all the work yourself (with my tech support).

However, it will get you going. It will be reasonably secure. It will be SEO friendly. And, within reason, have all the features of a site others might charge several hundred quid for. But yes, I can do them that cheap, initially.

To be precise, it’s £11.99 for the first year and you get the second year for 1p. After that, the price returns to the standard £12 a year.

If you are curious – and this applies to all plans – it assumes a standard domain, such as If you require something different (e.g. .org, .com, or .shop) or a premium name, the price will rise accordingly. See GoDaddy domain name search for examples.

However, if you already have an existing domain, you can repoint the nameservers, and the cost goes down accordingly. In the case of the brass plan, you effectively get the web design and hosting for free, but in reality, you still have to pay for the registration.

The sites are hosted a shared server with Bluehost. They are cheap and, well, cheap, which is why I can offer sites at such incredibly low prices.

The Silver (“Ma, I found the tanner in me Christmas pud!”) class

This is the almost “cheaper than you can do it yourself” version. You save £60 if you choose to pay a year up front, but paying monthly still only works out at 50p a day.

In simplest terms, this is a one-man-band or small business saying, Look, everyone says I ‘need‘ a web site an’ I ain’t paying all that money for nowt. I don’t need anything fancy, just get me on the web!

This is the same as the Brass option, except I ain’t doing it for free! Depending on the level of interest, I may limit the number of sites I am willing to do at this price. Or you might have to wait if I have a backlog to work through.

Artistically speaking, it won’t be a masterpiece, but it will cover all the essentials you are likely to need. Functionally, it will be as almost as good as the £600 a year option.

The Gold (“A whole sovereign, m’lord!? I ain’t never seen so much in all me life!”) class

This is both the default and the recommended option.

It still won’t be a creative piece of art; however, it will be fast to work with. For visitors, whether using a smartphone or a laptop, most pages will load almost immediately. It has multiple layers of resilience and security to reassure both you and your customers of your online safety. It also includes and supports more whistles and bells. Furthermore, written with this in mind, every page will aim to be search engine friendly.

It includes a full licence for WPForms, which, along with it’s many other features, will allow the creation of forms like this:



If you require it, there’s also the power of wpDataTables, or similar, which allows you to insert interactive tables and charts in your posts or pages. Tables can be created from many sources, including Google Spreadsheets, Excel files, and CSV files.


Explaining the prices

On Classes
Brass and silver plans use a cheap ‘shared’ server, currently with Bluehost. This means my hosting costs are low. This saving is passed directly on to you.

Gold however users faster cloud-based hosting, with WP Engine. It is fast and has several extra layers of security. It also has a few extras thrown in to enhance your site further.

Charities may like to note that substantial discounts will be available with the Gold plan when it goes live.

Guide price?
I can be flexible.

If you make my life easier, I may be willing to reduce the prices, even substantially, so the price goes down. An example of this would be migrating an existing site – unchanged – to the gold plan. Similarly, if you have prepared all the text content and images you want for your site, it makes my life easier.

If you want premium features and I decide it’s suitable for everyone, I’ll look at bundling it, so you get more value.

However, if it’s a one-off, or I can’t negotiate bulk licenses (e.g. Yoast Premium), that would raise the annual fee accordingly. Such extras would require payment upfront, or direct by yourself if you prefer.

Rolling fees

The plans are priced ‘per year’

The prices reflect actual fixed costs of running the sites, such as domain registration, hosting fees, product licenses. The bulk discounts are passed on to you.

Monthly payment options are available, but, as is standard, they work out more expensive.

On its own, if you wanted WPforms – with support (for card payments) – at full price it’s around £520 a year. A securely hosted site with WPEngine is another £504 per annum, a theme like Customizr another £93 a year. As you can see, it rapidly adds up, already approaching £1,200.

I do not charge for my time as such or at all for registered charities. Themes – web designs – are off-the-shelf and customised slightly to meet your needs. It’s quick and efficient. If you want to do it the agency way, I’ll consider it or point you in the right direction, but you will have to add another zero to the price.

Themes and web design

Not an artist!

As I explain in other places, I am a developer rather than a designer. This means I can create good-looking user-friendly sites quickly, easily, and cheaply – but I cannot create more picturesque websites. Simply put, I can work with supplied images, but I can’t draw.

Some web designers create sites using page builders, but I prefer to code.

These block builders can have many excellent features and widgets, such as accordion text and drop-in tables and panels. Drag, drop, configure, done. I have played around with many of them and have to edit some sites that use them – I do not find the process enjoyable! Some are better than others, but all impact the loading times of pages due to added layers of code and scripts. Some of these page builders can be removed gracefully, leaving the page intact; however, others are less tolerant.

In contrast, I am writing this page in a text editor. Not just the words, the text, but formatting code, adding the style classes from memory, editing and changing the style sheets as I go, if required. It might be a bit boring, but it’s solid, and it’s more search engine friendly.

As for the actual themes.
A few reservations aside, I use and recommend Customizr Pro, but can also offer the company’s other theme, Hueman Pro.

If you want something different, I can also offer a selection of styles from the Studio Press range. If you want something more niche that I don’t already have, I may look into it.

If you want to use plug-in page builders yourself, I recommend Genesis Pro, Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder Pro, Nimble, and perhaps Oxygen. I do not recommend Divi!

However, if you want a custom design built from the ground, I suggest looking for a top agency. The reason I use the designs I do is they are supported, maintained by the developers. They are secure. A theme, a plug-in, anything that is not patched and revised frequently is a security risk. I don’t want that, and neither should you.

Adding pages to your site

If you shop around – as you should – you’ll notice some plans just offer a single page, others may offer 10 or 25, for a price.

I work a little differently. I assume you’ll give me something I can work with. The more you can give me, the better I can help you – within reason.

If you want 25 pages and you are supplying all the images and copy, it might take me a few days, but sure. Like that, it’s just a matter of copy and pasting text and formatting. It’s not a big job, really, as long as it’s a one-off.

I’ll even proofread it, correct any prominent (none specialist) gremlins, and, if you like, rewrite it a little to suit your target audience.

However, if you want me to write it for you from scratch, or you want it every month, well, I might decide to ask upwards of £10 a page. A LOT more if you expect me to research and write it as well.

Adding pictures to your site

I will make these as search engine friendly as possible, within your target audience, as long as it doesn’t break any rules. This need not cost you a penny – unless it does, of course. There are a few excellent free image and photo library, and some more obscure ones, such as Kodak Eastman’s archives. However, other image libraries, such as Getty Images, can be expensive if you require something specific.

The image below was free via Pixabay and named – appropriately – ‘search-engine-optimization’. The alt tag and title tags are similarly added. If you wanted also wanted to include a caption, that’s an option too.



In contrast, as an example, license permission for even a small stock photo of ‘Businesswomen at a flipchart, presenting ideas for a search engine optimisation‘ would set you back £150.

That was GettyImages UK. iStock, also owned by Getty, would be a lot more reasonably priced. Against that, the ideal image may be harder to find and less evocative, less suitable or catchy.

Still, for a few quid instead of a few hundred, maybe this will do the job as well: New generation of mobile applications developed by young team Asian designers. Team of UI/UX designer planning and analyze applications on mobile phone.

On request?

These are not all standard features and can infer additional costs. However, none of them need incur charges, though they can also be available at a premium — for instance, webchat.

Webchat can be free, as with, though this too has options, some of which might surprise you, such as:
Professionally trained agents (that) are ready to answer chats on your behalf 24×7 from as low as $1/hr.



As you can see, web chat can be free and still good, while other others – such as Formilla – start at £15 a month and climb in cost in line with your requirements. You would be responsible for such extra costs.

From my perspective, consider ‘on request’ as ‘no reasonable request refused’. Like ‘ @ your-site.’

This will extend to other design, usability and function requests, such as galleries, members area, etc.

Backup and extra backups

This is one of those “we may need to talk” things as it depends on the importance of your site and your level of paranoia. All the options include at least basic levels of backup but extra layers offer more resistance, roll-backs in case of problems, and general peace of mind.

The ‘gold’ option is good. It is certainly robust enough to handle an eCommerce site securely. If, for instance, you install a plugin and kill* your site, I can roll it back in minutes. It’s solid. You can add to that by making your own backups, free or otherwise, there are options; for instance, various Jetpack plans. Or you can take it much further.

I won’t charge you extra for setting these up, but you are again responsible for any additional costs.

*The gold plan uses secure hosting with features such as testing 3rd party plugin updates with AI and auto-rollbacks if issues detected. All the same, I’d rather you didn’t test that, thanks.

Updates: corrections and revisions

By this, I refer to minor changes to pages, widget entries, changes to custom styles sheets and so forth. So, corrections, amendments, and minor alterations, not major revisions.

As Captain Barbosa would say, the code is more of a guideline.

As a good example, one site wanted a price changing. I did it a few minutes after getting the request. On reflection, they also needed the change applying elsewhere, such as a form, which means loading documents, editing, saving and exporting, uploading and replacing files. Not a 30-second job, then. I didn’t and won’t charge, but I was also distracted and didn’t do it straight away.

In short, the more involved it is, the less likely I am to drop everything and do it, and the more likely you are going to need to remind me.

Also – within reason and subject to my moods and workloads – I may consider more major revisions without arguing about feature creep and piling on charges. I would probably be fine with something simple like swapping a theme and or juggling the footer widgets.

I can also offer some social media advice
This will basically be an extension of this page, SEO: Go BIG or go home. If you are expanding your activities into other platforms, I can give you a few pointers. It won’t be a full-on service, there are experts for that, but I can give you some free advice.

What about…

If I haven’t covered it already, it means you are going to have to ask.

Things like SEO, Google Ad campaigns, and EV certificates go far beyond the ‘do it for a few quid’ range. For instance, Google would take £1,200 a month from you and consider it so triflingly small it’s not even chump money to them. SEO companies can easily ask as much again, depending on the level you require.

There are things you can easily do to improve SEO, things that cost nothing, or relatively little, such as Yoast, which is either free or over £100 a year for the premium version. However, this is more DIY. Full-on search engine optimisation and rank building start to look more like this:



The denouement

Denouement is a posh word for the finale. It refers to the end of a story, the outcome of a situation, to when something is decided or made clear.

If you are still reading and interested, you know how to search Ackadia for related pages and posts, and how to find the contact form.

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