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Server updates, March 2018

Update: March 15th 2018 : Ackadia is under maintenance. Apologises for the ugly look, moved server hosts and the restore was unable to link the (1,000s of) images to the relative posts, so I have to do it manually re-add them, and work on the layout and design. It will take some time as there …

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Server Updates

October 2022 Moved to and saw immediate improvements, with some of my test scores on mobile jumping from D, 44 to 54% to A, 97%. Desktop scores jumped to 90 to 100%, depending. One problem is Siteground (currently) uses php 7.4, which, while stable, is old and slow, and as of next month unsupported …

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Home : updates October 2008

Updates for October 2008 Anyway, for a few weeks now Live Messenger has been off-line, reporting: messenger problem 80072745. Normally I fix things like that straight away but most of the time I don’t bother with Messenger so I ignored it. Healthier to get out the chair and ask if someone wants a cuppa than …

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Updates for Jan 2006

Hmmm, what to do with the home pages. Deciding whether to integrate the content elsewhere is at times problematic due to the timely nature of the content, yet deleting seems criminally wasteful somehow. (Yes, OK, I hoard!). Anyway, can’t leave it all here (was the old Home page), so I finally decided the best answer …

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