Daily Archive: August 31, 2021


Welcoming Afghans and other immigrants – without question

This post: circa 5,500 words, estimated reading time, excluding videos: 28 minutes. Not a lot of immigrants This post began as a reply to one on Facebook, after the announcement that GB News North East of England reporter Rachel Sweeney believes her region will welcome Afghan refugees‘ ‘I would argue...


Genealogy: The past is a foreign place

Genealogy and pondering your ancestry Intro This post is something of a ramble, one more likely to interest friends and family than folk looking for more authoritative articles on the subject. It’s one of those “I was pondering this while doing the dishes” sort of things. While the focus is...


Steam game time as a problem

Dev quitting Steam over the two-hour refund policy This post is in reply to an article on Eurogamer: Steam’s two-hour refund policy leads to indie developer quitting game development, adding ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’. It sets the story up nicely, but Gamersutras explanation is better: Steam...