Daily Archive: June 11, 2021


Stoneshard links and other games of interest

Stoneshard and other recommended games This was getting unwieldy where it was, so I’ve moved it here to avoid repetition. Stoneshard links Stoneshard: Stoneshard, a reworked roadmap Stoneshard, an Early Access review. (Notes to the devs) Stoneshard guide: twenty tips for first starters (short version) (TL;DR version) Stoneshard Early Access...


Stoneshard roadmap

Stoneshard roadmap Menu: Intro Official roadmap Is it just me,or… Finding Stoneshard on social media Revised Stoneshard roadmap: intro Landmark goals met: releases 2020 Landmark goals in progress: 2021 Looking ahead: City of gold, 2021 Looking ahead: The Wizard’s Fate, 2022 Links page Intro I’m writing this because the official...