Who owns data on you?

I’ll tell you a little story first. True as it happens. Many years ago – decades actually! – I used to hang around IRC-based chat rooms talking to other techies and MUD gamers. One evening we got a troll, some annoying kid that believed the anonymity of the Internet allowed him to be as rude, […]

Why the NHS is no longer fit for purpose!

I was reading something in the Guardian entitled I loved being a midwife but bullying, stress and fear made me resign and what started out as a quick agreement grew. It’s not just midwives but all levels of the NHS, right down to the caterers, porters and cleaners (most of whom are now outsourced to […]

Checking your heart age

Just read an interesting if a tad morbid article in the Telegraph about an NHS calculator that predicts when you will have a heart attack! Curious to note their use of ‘will’ as opposed to ‘may’. It does ask for details like your current blood pressure and cholesterol levels, height, weight, whether you smoke and […]

Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Aiming for grammatical balance.

My grammar and general literacy skills aren’t as great as that of some of my friends, nor am I always as thorough in the proof-reading, but they do tend towards warm fuzzy feelings when I actually find a new or unfamiliar word in a book and have to look up. That’s after mentally ringing the […]

How much common sense do you have?

I got Perfect common sense!! You have an abundance of common sense! You ranked in the 90%th percentile, which means that you are able to answer difficult questions correctly that the average person would not be able to. You analyze problems literally, and are able to see past trickery or distractions to come to solutions […]

What Kind Of Grammar Nerd Are You?

See how you fair. I got: I got : The Enlightened Grammarian You know your stuff when it comes to proper English grammar and writing, but you’re not overly traditional. Language does evolve, after all! Chances are high that you’re fascinated, rather than put off by, the verbing of nouns or the disappearing “whom.” You […]

CRISPR and CAS9 – Key to the cure for everything?

This is fascinating research: The biggest biotech discovery of the century is about to change medicine forever . Basically they have found a way to use the bodies naturally immune system to allow creative recoding of your DNA. Fan of the Jason Bourne / Treadstone novels/films? Remember the plot of the last one – The […]

Unsung Hero : Best commerical ever?

Perhaps ironic that it was made by an insurance company, but I doubt many bankers or politicians would ever ‘get’ this commercial. The concept is, I believe, too alien to them! If you are want to look at more of their advert, their youtube page is : Thai Life It rather reminds me of something […]

To Infinity and beyond. The joys of changing Internet providers

As a long-time Internet user, the first question in my mind when considering moving house isn’t access to public transport, shops, crime rates, parks, it’s: "What’s the broadband access like there?" For our new address, BT quoted June the following year for fibre. By the time we moved this was put back to ‘July to […]